ABP Ideas of India: Watch Best Minds Speak On The Revolution Called Online Education


New Delhi: On August 18, 1951, India took a big leap in the field of education — the first Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) was formally inaugurated on that day, in Kharagpur, two years after it was founded. 

A few years later, the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) came up in New Delhi, in 1956.

On November 13, 1961, India got its first Indian Institute of Management (IIM). 

The establishment of such institutions within a few years of Independence showed India had a vision for education and goals to achieve in that direction.

In the 75 years since, more AIIMS, IITs and IIMs have come up across the country, besides thousands of other higher education facilities.

The fact that at least 12 top companies in the world have Indian-born CEOs leading them, Indian doctors and educators are serving across the globe, and that there is a steady rise in the number of foreign students coming to India for higher studies goes on to show that India has achieved a lot in the field of education.

But the Covid-19 pandemic showed how things can change all of a sudden. Like it happened across the world, studies shifted online completely, with far-reaching results.

While it wasn’t much of a struggle for the connected generation, the poor and the marginal suffered.

Though things are gradually returning to normal, the verdict is more or less out that online studies are here to stay.

But will it deepen democracy or amplify the divide?

ABP Network is bringing the best minds from the field of education to deliberate on this next week.

The ‘WildStone Presents Ideas Of India’ Summit will have Super 30 founder Anand Kumar, Co-founder & CEO, LEAD, Sumeet Mehta, and upGrad co-founder Phalgun Kompalli discussing the online education scenario in India and share their ideas and vision for its future.

ABP Network’s first Ideas of India summit, which will take place in Mumbai on March 25-26, will have the best minds from various fields talk about the 75-year journey of India and its future.

The session with Anand Kumar, Sumeet Mehta, and Phalgun Kompalli — titled ‘Revolution 2022: Deepening Democracy or Amplifying the Divide?’ — will take place on Friday, March 25.

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