Breast Milk Campaign Yields Better Prospects


in this regard and appealed to mothers to donate breast milk. The video has gone viral.

In the four-minute video, Radhika has stated that breast milk is one of the precious gifts in life and it can be compared to none other. Sometimes, mothers cannot produce milk. For those kids, who do not get mother’s milk, milk banks have been started. “Mothers who have excess milk and who can afford to donate milk can donate,” she appealed.

“This video is a special shout out to mothers who can donate their milk. Milk banks have been established in your districts and mothers can join hands for this wonderful and noble cause,” Radhika said.

Dr. Srikanth Manikanti, senior consultant pediatrician, who is one of the organizers of the walkathon, explained that there are 3.5 million prematurely born babies in the country and the majority of them are bereft of mother’s milk.

If they do not get their mother’s milk, they will become vulnerable to diseases and chances are that they might not survive. The demand is more than the supply and mothers should come forward to save the babies. Mother’s milk is considered as liquid gold for babies, he explained.

To cater to the newborn kids who can’t be fed by their mothers, the Karnataka government has dedicated ‘Human (breast) Milk Banks’ in four district headquarters including Bengaluru on the eve of International Women’s Day. The facility was only available in private hospitals earlier.

Health Minister K. Sudhakar inaugurated the ‘Amruthdhare Human Milk Bank’ and appealed that mothers should come forward for breast milk donation, which will save the lives of infants.

“Breast milk is an elixir to kids. No child should be devoid of mother’s milk. Few kids unfortunately won’t be able to get breast milk because of the death of their mother or various reasons. To cater to those kids, breast milk banks have been opened at four district headquarters including Mysuru, Belagavi and Bengaluru,” he stated.

Mother’s milk contains protein, saline, fat, sarcophagus and increases immunity. The breast milk will be collected from donor mothers using special equipment, it will be pasteurized and then frozen. This breast milk can be stored for 6 months.

Source: IANS


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