Covid-19 Cases In China Double As Country Witnesses Biggest Outbreak Since Wuhan 2020


Covid-19 is making a return in China as the country reported 2,388 new COVID-19 cases with confirmed symptoms on March 17. The number of reported daily cases is almost double the count that was recorded a day earlier. This is China’s biggest outbreak since the corona virus’ inception in Wuhan in 2020, Reuters reported.

The number of asymptotic cases stood at 1,742 on Thursday. This number was 1,206 a day earlier. Shanghai reported 57 new Covid-19 infections on March 17, with another 203 transmissible asymptomatic cases during an ongoing city-wide testing initiative. 

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Though the numbers are smaller as compared to some in other countries, China’s various regions are taking measures to contain the spread of the virus. 

Chinese President Xi Jinping suggested on Thursday that the country will follow its “dynamic-clearance” policy to contain Covid-19. 

As of March 17, China had reported 1,26,234 Covid-19 cases, while the total number of deaths was at 4,636. Nearly 30 million people were under lockdown across China on Thursday. At least 13 cities nationwide, including Shenzhen and Changchun, were fully locked down.

After months of decline in the daily-reported Covid cases, there has been a worldwide upsurge since the past week. United States of America, South Korea, China, France are some of the countries witnessing a surge in the number of daily cases. 

According to WHO, the biggest increase in cases was seen in the Western Pacific and Africa, where infections rose by 29 percent and 12 percent, respectively.


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