Friends leave no chance to tease us, irritate us, and pull our legs to create a festive environment around us.

Bride Groom Video: Videos related to weddings are shared on social media at regular intervals. But only a few of these videos win the hearts of people. Another video related to marriage has come to the fore, which is becoming very viral. In this, we can see how the groom’s friends joked with him during the Jaimala ceremony where the poor man wanted to be romantic but thanks to his friends, he became a laughingstock in front of the bride.

In this video going viral, you can see how a bride and groom were garlanding each other. Then the groom started trying to be caring and romantic in front of his bride and in the meantime, his friends burst crackers leaving the groom horrified. What is even more interesting is that except for the groom, no one was bothered by the crackers.

Friends are our lifeline, our support system. Friendship is a relationship that is not forged by blood but by the choices that we make. Our friends love us, support us, and care for us without seeking any favors. But on the other hand, friends leave no chance to tease us, irritate us, and pull our legs to create a festive environment around us.

Weddings are one of the most important and memorable moments in anyone’s life. The day is filled with rituals, traditions, and love. One of the most beautiful moments of a wedding is the exchange of Jaimala, also known as the exchange of garlands, between the bride and groom. However, a recent viral video shows how a groom got more than he bargained for when he tried to get romantic during this special moment.

The Viral Video

In the viral video, which has been making rounds on social media, a groom is seen getting ready to exchange Jaimala with his beautiful bride. As he stands in front of the guests, he starts to serenade his bride with a romantic Bollywood song. He then takes a few steps towards his bride, who is standing at the other end of the stage, waiting to exchange Jaimala.

As the groom gets closer to his bride, he starts to lift his leg in a dramatic Bollywood style, ready to place the garland around her neck. However, just as he is about to do so, his friends and family members lift him up in the air and give him a shocking surprise.

The Shocking Surprise

As soon as the groom lifts his leg, his friends and family members lift him up in the air using a makeshift swing. They then swing him back and forth, leaving the groom stunned and surprised. The guests burst out laughing at the unexpected turn of events, while the bride looks on with amusement.

The groom tries to hold on to the Jaimala, but he is unsuccessful in his attempts. His friends continue to swing him back and forth, making it impossible for him to exchange the garland with his bride. The groom is left hanging in the air, while the guests continue to laugh and cheer.

The Aftermath

After a few moments of hanging in the air, the groom’s friends finally bring him back down to the ground. The groom is left breathless and red-faced, while his bride looks on with a smile. The guests continue to laugh and cheer, making it a memorable moment for everyone present.

The video has since gone viral, with people from all over the world sharing it on social media. Many people have commented on how hilarious and unexpected the groom’s surprise was, while others have praised the groom’s friends for their creativity.


In conclusion, weddings are a time for joy, laughter, and love. The exchange of Jaimala is a special moment between the bride and groom, and it is a time for them to express their love for each other. However, as the viral video shows, weddings can also be filled with unexpected surprises and moments of hilarity. The groom’s friends gave him a shock of his life during the exchange of Jaimala, but it was a moment that he will never forget. It just goes to show that weddings are not just about the rituals and traditions, but they are also about the memories that are created.

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