IPL 2022: Why Does MS Dhoni Sport A No.7 Jersey? Reason Revealed


IPL 2022: Chennai Super Kings 9CSK) captain MS Dhoni has opened up about why he chooses to wear a no.7 jersey. Since his arrival in the ODI squad in 2004, Dhoni has made the number seven jersey his own. Since he started playing cricket, MS Dhoni always wore a no.7 jersey. Today he reveals the reason behind it.

Going against the popular belief that it’s a superstitious belief by the former captain, the real reason is very simple: MS Dhoni’s birth date – July 7.

“A lot of people initially thought that 7 is a lucky number for me and all of that. But I chose the number for a very simple reason. I was born on the 7th of July. So, it’s the 7th day of the 7th month, that was the reason,” Mahi said in a video posted by CSK.

“Rather than getting into all the different things as to what number is a good number and all, I thought I will use my date of birth as the number. What people kept asking me about it, I used to frame different answers,” Dhoni added.

Dhoni also said that the number seven is close to him as he jotted the same jersey for his entire career.

“A lot of people said 7 is a neutral number and even if it doesn’t work for you, it doesn’t really go against you. That also I added to my answer. I am not very superstitious about it, but it’s one number that is close to my heart and I have kept it over the years with me,” said Dhoni.


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