Program to Enable Women Who Seek Return to Work Launched


Karnataka government has launched the Women@Work (WOW) Program that strives to concentrate the efforts of corporate programs on attracting women workforce.

“The Indian government has already introduced policies and regulatory framework to increase women workforce in various professions. What they lack is the easy availability of upskilling. W@W aims at bridging the skill development gap for women through targeted activities and interactions with industry leaders. Karnataka Digital Economy Mission will amplify the efforts of corporate programs on attracting women workforce and build an inclusive women workforce and kickstart their second phase of career for a stronger tomorrow,” Sanjeev Gupta, CEO, KDEM, explained.

‘Karnataka Digital Economy Mission (KDEM) in association with KTECH, Karnataka Skill Development Corporation, Government of Karnataka launched Women@Work (WOW) Program. The W@W Program will act as an enabler for women to actively participate and join the workforce through industry upskilling and reskilling programs, mentorship, institutional and organisational networking.’

Ashwathnarayan C.N., Minister of Higher Education; Minister of Electronics, ITBT, and S&T and Skill Development said, “The disruption in the industry thanks to digitalisation gives women the opportunity to use the hybrid model of work and reshape their careers. Business leaders also hold the power to improve gender representation and create gender-balanced leadership. Upskilling and reskilling will play an imperative role in changing the existing scenario and ensuring this balance. KDEM’s W@W Program will definitely act as an enabler for women to get back at work with industry-led skilling, guidance, and training.”

Source: IANS


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