Tighnari will receive a new English voice actor in Genshin Impact after Elliot Gindi is fired for sexual misconduct allegations


Note: The following post details various sensitive topics, such as sexual misconduct, self-harm, and more. Reader discretion is advised.

Elliot Gindi, the English voice actor behind Tighnari in Genshin Impact, was recently hit with multiple sexual misconduct allegations. After the receipts were shown to back up the claims, the actor was forced to admit his guilt and apologize for his actions. Developer HoYoverse is having none of it, however, and announced that they have fired Elliot Gindi due to a breach of contract and plan to remove all traces of his voice in the game.

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Hoyoverse is currently communicating with the voice recording agency regarding matters of casting and re-recording. The studio has stated that all of Tighnari’s in-game voice lines will be replaced over time and re-recorded with a new voice actor, and fans will be updated when these changes are made.

Elliot Gindi has been found to be having inappropriate relationships with teenage fans, and leaked messages and images were provided to prove it. The issue was brought to the forefront when a moderator of his Discord server linked a Google document of evidence against him. The actor has used emotional abuse to guilt his victims and has even been accused of attempting to discredit them.

Gindi took to Twitter with an apology and admission of guilt, but the damage is too damning to set aside. In his statement, he tries to dispute claims that he did not respect someone’s pronouns or knowingly did anything with anyone underage.

HoYoverse did not immediately remove the voice actor as fans called for his dismissal. They first met with external partners and their voice acting studio to discuss urgent solutions and eventually made this understandable decision. Other Genshin Impact voice actors had spoken out against Gindi, including Yoimiya’s voice actress Jenny Yokobori and the male Traveler’s voice actor, Zach Aguilar.


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