Toyota Mirai Hydrogen Car Review: Near 1000km Range!


New Delhi: In collaboration with the International Center for Automotive Technology (ICAT), Toyota has developed a Mirai car that will give 1000km per liter. 

Hydrogen fuel emissions from cell cars are also significantly lower and cleaner than conventional fuel cars. Because they emit only water and some heat instead of the excess of greenhouse gases associated with conventional combustion engines. In some countries, vehicles with hydrogen fuel are taxed less. Once its tank is filled, it can cover a distance of 482 km to 1000 km. Also, it is much cheaper than petrol.

It can be said that Hydrogen makes a lot more sense if being just looked at the numbers. Hydrogen takes a lot less time to fill than charging a car plus more importantly goes further than an electric car. Not many hydrogen cars are there but Toyota makes one and we have driven it too. 

The Mirai is a car that runs in hydrogen and the new version is the second generation model after the first one was originally launched in 2014. 

The Mirai is a hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle with three hydrogen tanks and fuel cells which admit the hydrogen. There is also a lithium-ion battery and an electric motor. There are three hydrogen tanks that can hold 5.6 kgs of hydrogen and that is enough to go more than 600km.

The new Mirai looks like a luxury sedan and the new one has a longer wheelbase with more space while the hydrogen tanks are positioned for better ergonomics. 

The interior is also luxurious with a JBL audio system and sustainable leather upholstery. 

To drive, it’s like an electric car like with no sound and is smooth along with working very well in terms of the ride/steering. 

We drove the car for a short time but enough to say it could be a good alternative to electric cars. However, the main question is hydrogen and the infrastructure. 

It takes 10 minutes to fill it but more importantly, the lack of hydrogen filling stations and the cost of hydrogen means it is still a challenge. However, the Mirai is as clean as cars can get with clean water as its only tailpipe emissions! 

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