Watch: Pigs Fight Off Bear That Entered Their Enclosure In US


The bear is seen leaving the pen after being attacked by the two pigs.

Two pigs fought off a giant bear that climbed into their enclosure in Connecticut, United States. The video of the incident, which took place earlier last week, has gone viral on social media.

It begins with the black bear scaling the fence of the enclosure and attacking one of the pigs. The white pig is seen pushing back the bear with all its might. The other pig in the pen also charges at the bear, pushing the bear into a corner, the video further shows.

After a few minutes, the embattled pig is seen jumping out of the pen.

The two pigs in the pen have been named Mary and Hammy by their owner.

The video was taken by a security camera installed near the pen and was uploaded on YouTube and other social media platforms. On YouTube alone, the video has been viewed more than 7 lakh times.

On Twitter, it has led to a barrage of comments. Sharing the video, one of the users said, “That bear tried to fight two pit pigs. Pigs mixed with pit Bull,” tweeted comedian Carlos Davis.

“He said might have to go with Turkey bacon option this time big fella,” another user said in response.

Rebecca Shaw, who owns the pen, told NBC that she is proud of the pigs. “I am very proud of them because Hammy, the little one especially, he’s afraid of his own shadow and the way he came charging out when he seen Mary tussling with the bear,” Shaw said. “He was like ‘oh no, no way, get out’.”

Shaw further said that she is planning to get an electric fence soon to protect the pigs.


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